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We give you a custom player like the one see below that you can simply add to your existing web site. Your watermark, your logo, your branding streamed from your web site.

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Who should use
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Our special non-profit plans feature reduced entry level pricing and exclusive non-profit discounts!

Live streaming faith is especially effective for you to reach your members around the world, and they can do so right from the comfort of their own homes.

Many Christian, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Jewish and other religious institutions trust streaming media services to spread their message worldwide. Streaming Media Hosting routinely supports live and on-demand streaming broadcasts for some of the largest religious leaders in the world, including the Lutheran Hour Ministries, Christian International, Louisiana & Oklahoma Baptist Conventions and The Arch Diocese. Our turnkey services are crucial in empowering our clients to reach their entire membership. Accordingly, we maintain a ‘clean content’ network devoid of adult content, gambling and any other illicit material. This policy helps cultivate the security of our network, free from targeted malicious access.

Faith Based Tools

Specialized faith inspired tools designed to specifically to help you interact with your community. Custom Channel Creation, Bible Verse, Chat and Donation neatly organized into a single solution powered by our Platform to give you the flexibility you desire at a price affordable to your pocket.

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    Our award-winning service

    As an Adobe Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS) Partner, we influence the development of future Adobe products and maintain a crucial role in Adobe’s alpha, beta and production testing. Our award-winning CDN service offers 24/7 access to personal account representatives, automatic load balancing and redundancy to scale – handling even the greatest of demands. Among CDNs certified FVSS, we are the only to win back-to-back ‘Best CDN in North America’ awards – in 2009 and 2010.

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    As an added incentive, faith-based organizations are eligible for our non-profit plans featuring reduced pricing and exclusive discounts. We assemble everything you need to broadcast your message, including free software and a live streaming publishing point available 24/7. We’ll customize your streaming media plan based on budget and bandwidth requirements, with pricing that enables you to get started today.

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