Deciding Where To Put An IP Cam

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Once you’ve decided what kind of IP cam is best for you, you need to decide where to put it for the best possible picture.

Of course, you must first decide what’s most important to capture. Then you can decide on a vantage point that’s best for achieving your desired results. You may need to move other equipment and eliminate obstacles to get the best possible view. Then, you can run any necessary cabling for the signal and the camera’s power.

Some IP cams gives you more freedom than a webcam or other camera type that must always be wired in. A wireless IP cam doesn’t require any wiring at all and can be placed very literally anywhere. Keep in mind that if the camera is placed outside, it will need a protective case. Inside, it may need to be disguised or protected in some way as well.

Whether your IP cam is being used for security surveillance or to show off something to a crowd watching on the Internet, the camera must be placed somewhere that it can be protected from fiddling by little fingers and vandalism by those intent on doing harm to the equipment. In most cases, that means placing the camera high up on the wall or on a pole. This often gives you the best view anyway. Test the location to make sure that people milling around won’t block it and that the setting sun won’t shine into it, for example, effectively disabling it.

Testing is very useful because the picture you get may not be exactly what you’re expecting. Moving the camera around several times if it’s wireless and this is possible can often result in the optimal position for capturing everything you need your camera to see.

While some people think of IP cams only as security cameras, others routinely use them for live streaming online to promote their businesses, organizations and projects. Whatever you use yours for, place them correctly so that they don’t just meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

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