IP Cams Are All The Rage, So Are You Using Them?

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November 26, 2014

With each passing day, IP cams are becoming increasingly popular. Today’s IP cams are more affordable than ever and can send out great quality video on your behalf to the world. But no advantage is more important and more crucial to the exploding popularity of these cameras than their flexibility. These compact cameras can be mounted almost anywhere and moved with relative ease. There are even wireless IP cameras that can be placed in a nearly unlimited array of locations.

Just as nice, these sophisticated cameras can be controlled remotely in many cases, allowing for zooming, tilting and panning with ease, no matter where you or the other people controlling the devices are located.

Connect up an IP cam signal with a rebroadcast service and that signal can reach people all over the world in real time and with complete security, no matter what kind of device or screen they have.

Really, Anyone Can Watch

Choosing the best possible rebroadcast provider is key to making best use of your IP cams for promotional or remote viewing purposes. You need a provider that can handle any kind of streaming protocol that a user might be using, including Adobe Flash, Apple iOS, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple QuickTime, Android, Blackberry and others. You don’t need to be having to configure streams for each device separately when the right provider can do all the work of supporting a variety of platforms for you.

Some of the best IP cam broadcast options provide adaptive streaming choices that let users change stream quality to ensure that they always get the best video quality along with the quickest startup, little buffering and no unnecessary use of their possibility limited data resources.

Live Or Recorded For Complete Flexibility

Often, an IP cam stream is meant to be delivered to viewers live. You can stream a feed from your great new restaurant, your animal habitat or your building site so people can get a near-real-time glimpse of what’s going on. This offers your viewers the sense of urgency that your project may otherwise be lacking. Urgency makes your project seem more appealing and interesting than if you’re just showing off recorded pieces — or even worse, making your progress announcements in print with a blog post or press release. But your camera should be connected so that it can record as well.

Simply put, IP cams are popular and really cool technological advances that you can put to work for you. Their usage is limited only by your boundless imagination.

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