Cloud Hosting

By using the SMH Cloud, you can pass on flexibility and performance to your users. Use this page to determine the type of security, control, and customization and support your business needs. We’ll break it down for you into four easy categories: Advantages of the SMH Platform, Economic Benefits, Technical Benefits and Security.


Cloud Server
Our high performance cloud (HPC) servers leave traditional servers in the dust. We can ensure you a managed and dedicated experience. We are here to help you manage all your cloud needs with a real person to speak with every step of the way. Once we are done setting you up, we hand you the keys and you’re ready to drive your own cloud controls, 24/7
Cloud Server
The SMH Cloud can increase performance and handle the security, control and the transparency you desire for your business. With us you get the added benefit of scalability, flexibility and reliability that you’re looking for, but rarely offered in the same package. With our cloud, you will have the capacity to stretch your usage, be it day-to-day or unforeseen events such as bandwidth usage. And we are always reliable with our 99.9 percent uptime, so you can rest assured that your business content is flowing worldwide, all day and all night.


Cloud Economic Benefits
By switching over to the cloud, you can increase your business revenue by saving money and time. Because with the cloud, you own no hardware. Therefore, you incur no maintenance costs or depreciation of old software. This creates a much higher ROI because you pay less for your services, incur no upgrade costs, and your content has a quicker-to-market time. Another great benefit of the cloud is the pay-per-use function. This allows resources to be purchased, as needed, so you do not have over or under-investment purchases. That frees up a lot of time and worry if you have made the right decision for your business. It is completely flexible!And as a serious-about-the-environment group here at Streaming Media Hosting, we like to keep our cloud servers running optimally at all times, without sacrificing uptime, of course! We do this by using a high efficiency data center and hardware. The majority of our electricity comes from green generated sources and by doing this, we reduce our carbon footprint, and so do you!


Cloud Technological Benefits
Stay automated anywhere you go with our cloud’s full API system. One of the best technological advantages of switching to the cloud is the capability to manage your assets through our API system. This allows you to remotely access resources or fully automate your process, straight from the online browser system. This also means that multiple people anywhere in the world can remotely access the API and control settings as one resource. This means flexibility for you and your company. The cloud is the better choice than physical hardware because it allows you the automated flexibility that others do not.


Cloud Security
Streaming Media Hosting is pleased to offer you enhanced protection for the cloud applications you’re hosting on the SMH platform. How does SMH Cloud Simplify Security? If you’re like most of us, you leave ports such as RDP, SSH, phpMyAdmin etc.. open, so you can connect to your manage server. But this practice leaves your servers exposed to zero-day vulnerabilities and everyday exploits and attacks. Now, with our partner Dome9’s service deployed on the SMH Cloud we can secure you by closing these ports and providing secure, on-demand access when, for whom, and for only as long as needed.

Stop Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Exploits by closing open service ports like SSH and RDP. Secure Remote Server Administration by enabling 1-click, on-demand access only when, for whom, and as long as is needed. Automate Policy Administration with role-based controls, time-based policies, and auto-scaling security.


Are you tired of the pain of uploading via FTP? Do you need to upload gigabytes or even terabytes? Our new technology lets us saturate a 10gig data line. That’s a staggering 1.1GB per second! It’s so fast that only our SSD disks can keep up with writing the data.

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