Live streaming in real time is our specialty.

We can pair your broadcasts over the internet with uninterrupted service to all popular platforms and devices. Your customers’ streaming experience should be low latency and devoid of any buffering or surprise plug-ins. As such, our services deliver to the widest audiences with exceptional clarity and zero interruption.

Live Event Streaming has never been easier and our experts are here to speak with you when you need us most. Best of all we can help you get started within a matter of minutes. Rates are determined by the event’s duration, required broadcast quality and estimated viewership. No event is to large or to small. Let our seasoned experts give you a hand. Everyone is always glad they did!
Transcode, Create Playlists, Auto Archive and more with our fast and easy to use Streamlined Platform.

How easy is it?

You can literally create a live stream within seconds. You have complete flexibility to not only name your stream but to create as many concurrent live events from as many locations as you like all at the same time.

SMH Broadcaster

Live Recording

For those viewers unavailable to experience the event live, an on-demand live recording option is easily made available.

Live Transcoding

For locations that only have enough bandwidth to upload one live stream or just don’t want the headache. We Live transcode in near real time your single stream (we call it a flavor) and convert it to many flavors so that it can be seen by all devices, desktops, mobile and Set Top Boxes/Smart TV’s at all various quality levels based on user circumstances.

Live Redundancy

Do you have a mission critical live event? Ask us about our advanced redundant solutions used by corporate leaders like iHeartRadio. Ensure your venues connectivity by utilizing completely different and unique ingestion points in different geographic locations for diversification and redundancy.

Network Optimization

Choose between three global backbones, SMH, Verizon, Level3. or bring your own and simply utilize the SMH platform.

Wango Tango 2015

including Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Kanye West broadcasted live to over 500,000 fans.