Live Streaming

Live Streaming represents the cornerstone of our services. We can seamlessly record, broadcast and archive your content in real time with our True Live Recording technology. We broadcast your event live to all devices, desktop, mobile and over the top.

Wango Tango 2015 including Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Kanye West broadcasted live to over 500,000 fans.


 All of our plans are very flexible and designed to keep your budget in mind. Just tell us about your business, your project, your needs and how to best reach you. After we determine more of your needs we can give you a quote specifically tailored to your specific needs in mind.


How Can I see a Demo

Broadcasting live is easier than ever and our experts are ready to show you a quick, intuitive, hands on demonstration of how it works. Simply contact us on our form, shoot us an email to or call us at 800-963-4347.


Our dedicated Live Event servers are in place to ensure the highest quality possible, streaming your event to viewers everywhere using their standard Internet connection. After the broadcast, we provide you with the tools you need to ensure your event is viable long after its ended.
SMH Broadcaster
For those viewers unavailable to experience the event live, an on-demand webcast option is made available automatically. To measure your broadcast’s audience and viewership, we provide a detailed statistical analysis. We can also assist in developing follow-up correspondence, surveys and websites to ensure the intended impact of your event is delivered and retained.

Live Event Streaming is included in all of our monthly streaming media packages or can be enabled for a specific event. Rates are determined by the event’s duration, required broadcast quality and estimated viewership. As an added incentive, you may qualify for our non-profit plans featuring exclusive discounts.

  • The event is captured with the appropriate recording equipment. Our service enables any level of production, from a single digital camcorder to multiple cameras and mixing desks.
  • The output from your recording equipment is fed into your laptop or PC using the appropriate interface hardware.
  • Encoding software on your laptop or PC converts the content into the format required for live broadcasting.
  • The encoded content is transmitted via your system’s Internet connection to our dedicated Live Event servers. The better the connection, the higher the quality we are able to broadcast.

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