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Today’s mobile market is exploding, and the demand for high-quality online media has never been greater. Streaming Media Hosting provides breakthrough levels of quality and service for live and on-demand media streaming to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and all other mobile devices. Live streaming is our specialty, pairing real-time broadcasts over the Internet with uninterrupted service to all mobile platforms. Your customers’ mobile streaming experience should be devoid of any buffering or surprise plug-ins. As such, our services deliver to the widest audiences with exceptional clarity and zero interruption.

Mobile Devices


Our success in the live streaming arena is accomplished by applying our expertise to the scalability and performance of both the content preparation and the delivery process. By 2014, live streaming is expected to account for almost 10% of total consumer Internet traffic and, according to recent forecasts, 30% of global Internet video users already consume some form of live online video. Even as live streaming and mobile landscapes evolve faster than ever, one format continues to reliably accommodate all platforms. Accordingly, our mobile solution requires only the H.264 (mpeg-4) codec. With the world’s most popular codec, your media is available across Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and the web. Then, with Wi-Fi and mobile 3G, we avoid the traditional Internet congestion and latency issues encountered in supporting global audiences.


Our streaming technology delivers benchmark functionality for end-users. Instead of downloading, our mobile CDN (Content Delivery Network) truly streams to mobile devices. Our automatic bandwidth detection and variable bitrate streaming technology, along with fast-forward capability, create the finest user experience. As the broadcaster, you are only charged for the actual time users spend viewing content – an obvious billing benefit. As a viewer, our streaming media technology means access does not count against your mobile device’s data plan. Inferior download models have no choice but to overcharge, as each view counts as a complete download regardless of the amount of media actually consumed. Hence, our true-streaming technology delivers a DVR-quality experience that enables you to view only the content you wish at precisely when you want.


Our award-winning service truly sets us apart from our competitors. As an Adobe Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS) Partner, we influence the development of future Adobe products and maintain a crucial role in Adobe’s alpha, beta and production testing. Our award-winning CDN service offers 24/7 access to personal account representatives, automatic load balancing and redundancy to scale – handling even the greatest of demands. Among CDNs certified FVSS, we are the only to win back-to-back ‘Best CDN in North America’ awards – in 2009 and 2010.

Tech Talk sidebar Supported Platforms

  • Apple iOS Devices 3.02 & later: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod, AppleTV
  • Android devices with Android OS 2.2 and later Including SmartPhones and Tables
  • Windows Mobile SmartPhones
  • Support for Roku and set-top boxes

Supported Media Encoders

  • Adobe Flash Media Live
  • Telestream Wirecast
  • Digital Rapids
  • NewTek
  • ViewCast

Backend Mobile Streaming Technology

  • RTMP Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS), Microsoft SmoothStreaming (MSS), Flash Dynamic Streaming,
    Pseudo-Streaming (HTTP Streaming), Adobe Adaptive Streaming
  • Mobile Players (Customer Facing)
  • Flash and HTML5 Media Player for mobile devices (Phone & Tablet Touch-Screen devices)

Supported Media Formats

  • H.264 (mpeg-4)
  • VP8
  • FLV
  • FFmpeg
  • MP3
  • AAC


  • Live and on-demand streaming, interactive audio/video/text chat, remote recording and collaboration
  • True streaming technology, which continuously streams from remote locations for hours with zero buffering. Inferior solutions buffer every few seconds, completely losing the stream after only a few minutes.
  • Award-winning support for Flash, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, Silverlight, IPTV/OTT set-tops and more
  • Variable bitrate technology that automatically and dynamically measures the speed of the network, vary the quality of the stream within the specified setting range, and enable the video to successfully continue to play live.
  • Automatic detection for which firewall ports are open and closed, aiding viewers that experience access difficulty.



Mobile broadcasting capabilities can be included with any of our monthly streaming media plans, or can be priced for an individual event.

The cost is largely determined by three factors:
1. Total hours of content
2. Content quality
3. The average number of monthly viewers

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