Partner Platform

Your look, your logo, your business, your domain name, and your email.

Generate your own recurring revenue stream by utilizing our platform and network infrastructure to run your own streaming business.


A explosion of media on the web is taking place at the moment. We can help you get a piece of that pie! Let us build and maintain the infrastructure while you worry about making sales and making money.

  • Create Sub Accounts

    Give your clients access to all of the features the video platform has to offer by creating Media Platform
    sub accounts.

  • Child has no access to parent account

    The parent account’s content cannot be accessed via any of the sub accounts.

  • Parent and Child accounts are completely separate

    When you create a Media Platform sub account they will appear to be completely independent from the
    parent account.

  • Stats available Parent and Child accounts

    You can monitor the use of resources as well as viewer counts with our detailed stats.

  • Parent has access to all Child account stats

    We provide you access to detailed stats to all of your sub accounts from one location.

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