SMH Radio Streaming

Built for Serious Radio and DJ Professionals with more features and better pricing than other platforms. This is the professional solution you’ve been looking for. You can choose.

Upload all of your audio files to us, create your own custom channel and break in live at any designated time of your choosing allowing you to notify users of radio programming and schedules.

Easily connect to use via the most popular and common radio software programs including:

App Support

We can support your team and help them to the finish line by answering any questions that they may have or you can hire our professional to create and custom brand an app just for you.
Unlimited stations and channels.

Yes you heard correct. We charge based on usage, not the number of independent radio channels or live broadcasts.

Streaming to everyone everyone

Stream HD audio to any device including iPhones, Android, Tablets and more.

Social Broadcasting

Add social broadcasting players to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You can instantly find out who is listening to your tracks in real time on your dashboard with our advanced tracking system.

No Geographical Restraints

With a robust content delivery network, your content is easily delivered anywhere in the world with edge caching distribution ensuring that your content is served content fast from servers based near your audiences location. This helps to reduce lagging and buffering which is frustrating when trying to stream content online.

Detailed Analytic

Analytics and audience reports to show you what kind of listener response you are generating and detailed analytics about the popularity of your content. Easily see what is working online and what needs to be tweaked at a moment’s notice. This allows you to modify your content in real time as opposed to waiting to hear back from imprecise surveys.

Getting started is easy & you can do it now