Streaming Faith

Our Global Mission is to empower each of our faith-based clients to spread their message around the world, across all barriers, and all boundaries. Accordingly, our company mandate is to maintain a ‘clean content network’ devoid of adult content, gambling and illicit material. This strategy helps to keep your organization free from malicious access, and allows Streaming Media Hosting to stay in line with the values of our Faith-Based Clients.

Who should use our streaming faith solution?

Our special non-profit plans feature reduced entry level pricing and exclusive non-profit discounts! Live streaming faith is especially effective for you to reach your members around the world, and they can do so right from the comfort of their own homes. Many Christian, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Jewish and other religious institutions trust streaming media services to spread their message worldwide.

Our easy to use tools are here to help you learn to live stream. Live stream your church or ministry service.

– Live stream your ministry online, get your message heard to everyone.
– Live stream your church Service, youth group teachings and more.
– Live Stream your temple, chabad or study groups.

Our experts are here to help you learn hour how to stream your service live and again as online videos.

Streaming Media Hosting routinely supports live and on-demand streaming broadcasts for some of the largest religious leaders in the world, including the Lutheran Hour Ministries, Christian International, Louisiana & Oklahoma Baptist Conventions and The Arch Diocese.

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