Video Encoding

We digitize, compress and deliver.

With just a few clicks, you can upload only one properly coded file and we will do the rest!

Our powerful encoding engine can create up to seven versions of your file and make it ready for the web, Apple and Android devices, digital HDTV and more. Our super engine can take all media formats such as avi, flv, MPEG4, MOV, MP3, WMV and deliver them to all devices.

  • Step on the Scale

    Our encoding service is powered by the SMH Cloud infrastructure which scales instantly. Forget about worrying about traffic spikes or idle servers. Our streaming platform conforms to your every video need.

  • We’re up 24/7

    Count on us to never disappoint! We off a 99.9% server uptime because your online business never sleeps. We’ll TCB while you get your Z’s.

  • Built for Speed

    Built on the fastest servers available in the cloud, our platform makes use of the best technologies on the ma rket today. Streamline your workflow with hundreds of custom optimizations. We take pride in our Super Servers, so your video will never wait to encode. Immediate play time means happy customers for you and a smile on our server’s face plate.

  • We’re Ready for Our Close Up

    SMH boasts some of the highest quality video in the industry. And to have the highest quality, you have to have the best platform. Our platform automatically detects some of the common video issues and even fixes many causes of input video corruption.

  • You Can Ask Us Anything

    We love to chat, ask us anything. Feel free to contact our customer support team, where real life engineers are just itching to help you out by live chat or email. If you’ve got a problem, we’ll help you solve it with friendly and speedy customer service.

  • The Bits and Pieces

    Don’t let the little bits fool you. Bitrate is extremely important to video quality. Sometimes you even need to choose piece by piece which the best bitrate for your video is. The SMH advanced rate control systems promise the best bitrate for visual quality.

  • Audio and Video Sitting in a Tree…

    We love when audio and video come together seamlessly. Sometimes they fall out of sync, aren’t scaling correctly or degrade in quality over time. With our servers, we head that off at the pass and correct and improve all A/V issues as they happen. We also adjust common video issues like rotation and interlacing and will normalize any play back problems as they occur.