Take A Page From The Musicians’ Playbook And Turn To Pay Per View

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Musicians at all levels of their industry are now benefiting for live streaming and pay per view events. Free live streaming events can help build an audience while pay per view events can allow an established audience that’s already dialed into the musician’s unique tunes to experience a concert even if they can’t go in person.

Are there lessons your business could learn by taking this page from the musicians’ playbook and making pay per view streaming events work for you and your school, business or organization?

Pay per view could add up to a third of all digital music revenue within just a few years. While there may not be statistics to support a move toward pay per view video in your industry, it still makes sense to explore the lucrative potential of transactional and subscription video content.

Consider whether your industry shares any similarities with the music industry. Do you compete for an audience with television? Do you do or show things that people might desperately want to see?

Whatever your industry and whatever kind of content you’re thinking of offering on a pay per view basis, you may be able to meet the following needs with pay per view:

Connection. Once you start offering pay per view to your fan base or dedicated followers, you can make a better, deeper connection with them than ever before. And since a pay per view audience is limited in size, each participant can feel a personal connection that deepens the commitment to your organization.

Experimentation. A pay per view audience may be expecting to see things they can’t see just anywhere, so you can make exclusive announcements as part of your pay per view event and perhaps even try out new courses or material as part of the event – before you take the material to the wider public or take it on the road.

Expanded reach. Physical venues have limits, whether it’s a dozen people or several thousand. With pay per view, you’re limited only by the capacity of your streaming media provider. Plus, you can reach people with physical disabilities or who are geographically disconnected from the rest of your audience using pay per view.

In-person event boost. Whether it’s a show, a presentation or a course, you can boost attendance for future in-person events with pay per view. Satisfied viewers who are able to come in person might just do that the next time, especially if you impress them with your pay per view event and make the in-person version look appealing too.

Just like today’s most successful musicians, you can leverage pay per view to benefit your company, project or organization. Why not give it a try?

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