Things To Consider When Looking For A Cheap Wireless IP Cam

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An IP cam is a camera that can be plugged into a network router directly without the need for first hooking it into a computer. A wireless IP camera, then, is a camera that can be connected to a router directly but that doesn’t require a lot of installation effort since no wires need to be run to the camera’s location.

Wireless IP cams are not always cheap because these are complex pieces of technology with many features — but you can get an inexpensive IP cam to get you started if you look hard enough.

There’s no doubt that IP cams are more popular than ever before. That’s because they provide a number of benefits over traditional webcams, security cameras, spy cams and other small cameras designed for monitoring an area.

While you won’t get a full range of features in a cheap IP cam, some are better than others. Look for the options you most need to get the job done, and keep these things in mind:

Zoom, tilt and pan. Many good IP cams have zoom, tilt and pan capabilities, but some of the cheaper ones don’t. If you don’t need the ability to remotely change which part of the room or outdoor area is being displayed, then don’t worry about this. But if this ability could prove useful, pay a bit more to get a better camera.

Lighting and filtering. Some cheap wireless cameras have better lenses than others, and some can work in low light conditions or provide their own light. Some even have infrared technology for seeing at night. But most cheap IP cams don’t offer these features. Plus, you may need the ability to add filters or use filtering software, especially if you will be using the camera in a sunny area where glare is likely.

A price that’s right for the feature level. While IP cams are available for around $60, cheap ones won’t have many features. But a camera priced in the hundreds of dollars should have many features, so don’t get duped into paying a premium price for something that isn’t a premium camera.

When you keep these three things in mind and pay careful attention to what you’re doing, you can get an IP cam that will truly meet your needs for a fair price.

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