IP Camera Broadcasting

Broadcast your web or security cam via our award winning network in HD. Our platform allows you to stream your IP cam without the use of encoders. Our system will rebroadcast the stream to all desktop and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android as well as IPTV/Over The Top (OTT) set top boxes.

Want to take your cams to the next level? Our tools below let you easily record your live cam footage, edit it and even break it into increments for chapter viewing all with the click of the button. Want to take it a step further? We can even password protect your cams for secure delivery, monetize them and more all from our easy to use SMH Platform.


What do we need to help you get started:
-Just send us the the full URL / IP address to your IP cam.
-Please provide us the user/pass so we can access the settings to configure the live stream.
-Please provide the user/pass to your router. We need this to set-up port forwarding of the internal camera signal to the external IP.
-And that’s it. Once it’s set up and tested just copy and paste our simple embed code.


Cameras that support H.264 and RTSP are available from the following brands: Cisco, DLink and Panasonic and Axis.
You can find a more extensive list here:

How does it work

-We directly capture the video from the camera via RTSP Pull Streaming.
-Once the initial request was made, the server captures the stream and maintains the RTSP Pull for as long as a client is viewing the stream.
-The second client that views the stream should see the video immediately, as the servers connection to the camera has already been started by the first client viewer.
-The stream is embedded onto your web site with custom Watermark logo overlay’s available.
-Features include Wait in line queuing and camera control.
-Preset Selection Control, In-Queue, 5 minute limit, with fallback to Logo.

Getting started is easy & you can do it now