Video with Text Chat

Adding Text Chat to your video stream can bring your customers together even more during your presentations or live events. Viewers can read the chat and contribute to the conversation as it is happening. You can even choose one of your business partners to moderate the conversation in question and answer format or just let your customers fly!

By adding Text Chat to your live streaming events, you can increase user participation, which leads to customer acquisition, retention and more viewers for you! This module can be used in conjunction with any SMH Player, live or on-demand. We give you a custom player like the one see below that you can simply add to your existing web site. Your watermark, your logo, your branding streamed from your web site. Feel free to enter a User Name and click Enter to demo the Text Feature below.

How better to get people “talking” about your product than actually have them talking about it! This feature enhances collaborative customer experiences where users can instantly discover new and rapidly changing ideas in the context of your live video.

Getting started is easy & you can do it now