Virtual reality solutions designed to keep pace with the speed of technology.


VR Camera Sales & Rentals

We take the guess-work out of finding the right technology and support for high-quality VR production. Streaming Media Hosting has built an end-to-end production, post-production, and distribution ecosystem that can be brought to bear on our client’s behalf to take their project from hobby to broadcast. We have invested in our own inventory of professional grade cameras and gear, as well as, a collaborative channel partner program with the world’s leading VR manufacturers and support providers.

VR Production

When a producer makes the decision to create VR content, it doesn’t come lightly, or without a series of risks. Our in-house technology support team and VR producer’s help our clients confidently cross the decision paths necessary for a smooth production. From gear choices to camera placement and set design to work-flow, we have the tools & experience to compress the learning curve and deliver studio-quality results.


VR Rendering

If you’ve ever led the post production workflow for a high quality VR project, you’ve no doubt encountered the render and stitch problem that can wreak havoc on creative genius in the worst case, or at least, bog down post production in the best case. We have invested in proprietary hardware and software that removes the guesswork, manual processes, and headaches normally associated with VR post.

Live 3D VR

Creating immersive, live 3DVR experiences is perhaps one of the most rewarding uses of VR Technology. It’s also one of the most complicated to pull off. Our decade of live streaming media experience combined with our new investment in and passion for VR technology makes us an invaluable resource for anyone looking to bring their event, concert, show, presentation, or meeting right into the home of their audience with real-time (live) 3DVR.


VR Platform

So where do you store, edit, encode, and distribute all of this wonderful VR content you have just created? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a single source for all of the above? Our cloud-based single sign on platform allows you to do just that and has secure authentication and a robust feature set that makes creating, editing, and sharing VR content a dream.