Camera Control Unit

The World’s First Virtual Reality Live Stiching and Streaming Super Computer in a Box

Designed specifically for categorizing, rendering and transcoding and delivering your entire VR library live or on demand in 2d or 3d.

Introducing the Jupiter MX CCU

Integrate VR live stitching and streaming with standard 4K (UHD) broadcast equipment, using standard SDI signal protocols. Use your existing production switchers, color correctors and other gear to build on a full professional workflow.

High-Quality Live 3D 360 VR Experiences

We can live stream VR in real time, stitching panoramic images and fully immersing the viewer in the live VR experience and full 3D audio.


Introducing the OZO Storytellers Program now thru June 18th, 2017. Purchase an OZO today for only $25,000 and receive 1 year access to the SMH VR Platform.

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