What’s The Difference Between An IP Cam And A Webcam?

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November 15, 2014

Is there a difference between an IP cam and webcam? That really depends on how you look at it.

An IP cam or Internet Protocol camera can be used in many of the same ways as a webcam, but when most people discuss these two kinds of cameras, they make a distinction.

An IP cam is used for long-term displaying on an image from a specific location on the Internet or perhaps for security. IP cams are essentially a kind of CCTV camera or closed-circuit security camera in one sense. Used to watch or monitor a location for either security, promotional purposes or perhaps just for fun, they can be either wired or wireless and may offer two-way audio, Power Over Ethernet and other tools that allow you or other users to manipulate the image, zoom or change the direction the camera is pointing.

A webcam, according to the most common terminology, is a social tool of sorts. It is also a video capturing device, but it’s connected to a computer and used most often for showing an image from a single computer to a single computer. There is also communication involved in using a webcam in many cases. You can chat while you see your friends or colleagues, use the device for conference calls by Skype and even shoot recorded pictures and videos for sharing.

With that said, however, it’s possible point to a webcam out a window or set it up in the corner of an office — as long as computer is connected — and use it for surveillance or monitoring in a way very similar to how an IP cam is usually used.

Webcams are usually much less expensive than IP cams can cost $20 or less. IP cams can cost as much as several hundred or several thousand dollars, depending on features. And an IP cam can be very complex — and also require a great deal of technical knowledge to use correctly. Webcams often can be set up with hardly any effort at all.

Does this information help you understand the difference between an IP cam and a webcam? While the terms aren’t always clearly defined, it doesn’t make sense to call a sophisticated and feature-rich IP cam a webcam.

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