Over the Top (OTT)

TRUE TV 24 X 7 Programming

Enjoy the most advanced Over the Top (OTT) capabilities coupled with the highest level of flexibility.

The New SMH TV Everywhere Electronic Programming Guide Channel Manager lets you manage all of your content including Live and VOD’s.


Over the top (OTT) is quickly becoming a fundamental part of every broadcaster’s approach and business strategy. SMH delivers one of the most advanced and fastest Over the Top (OTT) platforms in the world and we can deploy it for in a very short period of time for clients with limited timetables.

Our innovative OTT platform includes content ingest, encoding and packaging, a video management system, playback, and delivery. Why go with a typical streaming solution that just gets by when you can a state of the art one from the pioneers of streaming. We specialize in offering state of the art, world class, multi-platform TV everywhere products. We work with a large and rapidly growing number of Global companies and would like to work with yours as well.

We support the widest range of monetization models including per user, per video, per device, personalized add insertion, integrated social-network, personal notifications and more. With Streaming Media Hosting you can leverage our CDN to deliver your content. Our technology provides you with a very flexible 24-7 programming system that makes it easy to start your own TV channel today.