Pay Per View

Content Monitization

Earn money with your videos and live streams.

Our Pay Per View (PPV) service works with any broadcast, live or on demand, business seminars to indie concerts we have a complete solution ready for you. Control who sees your content, for how long, and how much they have to pay all directly from one source.


Easy & Fast Setup

Pay Per View Content Management & Monetization
Setup all of your Pay Per View entries from one page using our guided wizard system. No technical knowledge required!

Pay Per View – Ticket Management
Our PPV ticket management system allows you to easily specify how much and how often you want viewers to pay per view.

pay per view system ticket management


Take your content channels to the next level by streaming them with Pay-per-view. Do you have a live business seminar, indie concert, or sporting event you would like your viewers to see? Stream your events via live private telecast and multiply your audience size, or invite viewers to watch your video archives online.

We provide the most affordable and powerful pay per view solution available. Start making money now! And remember – we do not take any percentage from your sales! Looking to monetize and make money out of your videos or live broadcasts? Various subscription options are available. Create a private Membership Access area, where you can charge based on the ticket options below.
Single Ticket – you can specify a single pay-per-view ticket price for each video. The viewer will be able to play one video with the purchased ticked.

• Create your pay per view webcast today by logging on and integrating your material. Anyone can do it!
• No need to pay for integration or development. Our Pay Per View PayPal capability is also included.
• Simply copy/paste our pay per view embed code.

Pay Per View Features

PPV User Management
Orders Management
Ticket Management
Media Management
Access Control Management
Payment Gateway Setup

Control who sees your content

Our password protection solutions include:
• Administrator Control Panel.
• HTML templates and assistance
• Designed to work with all browsers and mobile devices
• Be able to control accessibility to sensitive media.
• Control who gains access to a Live Event Stream or On-Demand Video that is not open to the rest of the public users.
• Control who is given access to view exclusive live or on-demand media.
• Capture audience through viewer registration and broaden exposure.
• Allows advertisers to collect and manage valuable demographic information, by the sign up process

Full Control Of Your Ads

Whether it be Pre-Roll ads, Bumper Videos, Overlays or Postroll ads, or Companion Ads, you have full control over what ad pops up when and where. The SMH Media Platform allows you specifically set at what times your ads display during your contents playback.